The Best Part

SEP Connect guarantees that we can get your business on the front page of Google and/or Bing in less than 45 days and we only charge a $399 set up fee to show you the results.  In other words, we will put you on the front page of Google and Bing and you pay $399 to get started until we are successful. How is that for pride in our services?

So you may be wondering how this works? Why are we so sure that we can do it and willing to work before we charge our monthly subscription? Simply because we are doing it everyday for other companies and hope some are not your competition, but here is more details.

Our unique Search Engine Placement technology offers unprecedented success in placing businesses on the front page of the Google & Bing search results, and in less than 45 days.

But how can this be? How does it work?

In the simplest terms, we list your business in our proprietary search-engine accessible business index – one that we have been perfecting for over a decade and that is continuously crawled by the Google and Bing search engine.

Our technologists have spent years analyzing data sets and complex taxonomies to determine the core essential terms used when conducting a business search – which means we understand the way people search locally and the way Google & Bing delivers its local search results. Our business index is embedded with a smart, search syntax which intuitively matches businesses to related search criteria, helping local businesses reach the local consumers when they need their services most.

Once we’ve placed your business information in our index, you are immediately included in a business ontology which allows us to present your information sooner. Since we’re routinely spidered by Google and Bing, we can get your business front and center, faster, in the search results. It’s really that simple.

Sound too good to be true? We’ll make it easy. Let us put you on the front page of Google and Bing before we start charging you our monthly subscription fee. Call us 1.866.881.4498 to find out more.