SEP Connect Hits Major Milestone

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SEP Connect Hits Major Milestone- 50,000 Customer Keywords on Front Page of Google

BUFFALO, NY-February 4, 2013 –  SEP Connect, a leader in search engine placement with a unique, patent pending technology designed to get local businesses on the front page of Google,  today announced that it has reached a significant milestone in placing 50,000 keywords on the front page of Google. SEP Connect is now placing 88% of keywords on the front page of search engines.  This means that since 2010, over 2,000 unique businesses across the country, have utilized SEP Connect to ensure that when potential customers are doing an internet search on Google their name comes up on the first page of results.  Additionally, it represents the continued successful implementation of the company’s unique technology and the ability to make ongoing performance enhancements.

“SEP Connect is thankful for the quality of the clients that we have contracted to work with and the quality of their business related content  which makes placement on the front page of most search engines especially Google most rewarding.  Our corporate goal is to hit 100,000 key phrases delivered on the first page of search engines by the end of 2013 and we feel great as we zoom by the 50,000 plus key phrases delivered on the first page this early in the year,” said Martin Rowinski, Chief Technology Officer, SEP Connect.  “SEP Connect always focuses on local service industry businesses.  The best business types for our company are those that provide essential daily services that are in high demand in local markets.   The most successful partnerships for us are those where the service provider is seeking to increase name recognition and brand awareness to draw in new local customers.   SEP Connect is able to ensure that those seeking a plumber, hairdresser, chiropractor or dentist are able to do a search on the internet and quickly pin point the option that best suits their needs. Our service makes the customer and provider satisfied while also driving the local economy forward.”

In January 2013, SEP Connect saw its service percentage of customers rise from 81% to 88.25%.  The company worked with over 2,000 accounts which required a placement of 50,967 key terms.


About SEP Connect
SEP Connect, LLC ( is the world leader in search engine placement (SEP), a new and effective form of Internet marketing for local businesses. Search Engine Placement is different from SEO, SEM, PPC and other forms of Internet advertising in that placements are exclusive, less expensive and results take days instead of months. SEP Connect guarantees to place local businesses on the front page of Google and Bing within 45 days or they don’t pay. Results appear in the search section where consumers are most likely to click. SEP Connect has offices in Washington, DC, Buffalo, NY and Sacramento, CA.

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