Lawrence Concrete Case Study

sepcom Dec 19, 2012 Case Study, Featured

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Concrete Company Dramatically Increases Out of Town Business With Online Google Searches

Lawrence Concrete in Louisville, Kentucky specializes in designing concrete for sidewalks or specific upgrades to exterior landscapes. The company was experiencing a downturn in business with the economic recession in 2009. The new owners wanted to attract customers beyond the municipal contracts they were acquiring through networking and good relations with local officials. Past bad experience with advertising left them weary of spending money on marketing but a small investment in SEP Connect helped them to maximize internet searches for out of town contractors seeking assistance on local projects. The results were self-evident with consistent phone calls and a 62 percent increase in business that kept three teams constantly employed.


Lawrence Concrete identified several challenges for SEP Connect to address:

  • Convincing business owner to invest in services; results increase business visibility
  • Small marketing budget to work with on project; bad previous experience with paper
  • Creating exclusivity in market
  • Successfully leveraging the company products and service offerings online
  • Improving website so easy to navigate quickly

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SEP Connect client was Lawrence Concrete under new ownership:

  • 20 year old Louisville, Kentucky based decorative concrete company specializing in unique craftsmanship; biggest clients local municipalities
  • Custom texture, color and finish in cement
  • Sidewalk, driveway, patio and curb construction
  • Company was sold to present owner in September of 2006, steady business
  • Economy caused business decline in 2009-2010
  • Aspiring to enhance their visibility with out of town contractors
  • Desire to increase search term access on Google so easy to find on internet

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The actions SEP Connect took to help increase visibility of Lawrence Concrete on the internet so it could be found easier in searches included:

  • Consult with client on possible new areas for clients and business
  • Target business from out of town contractors seeking certain skills and local knowledge
  • Created new landing page for corporate website that allowed easy access to information
  • Utilize unique SEP corporate technology to make website Google friendly
  • Increase key words on front page of corporate website
  • Improve brand awareness and name recognition for company via the internet

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Results- 62% business increase over 2 years and 2-3 phone calls per week

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SEP Connect was able to increase name awareness and brand identification for Lawrence Concrete so that out of town general contractors coming in to town could easily find the company to hire as a subcontractor. The company was able to keep three crews fully engaged in work and participate in large local contracts like the Kroger gas stations installation, Arby’s ADA improvements, and BB&T additions. The president of Lawrence Concrete stated that she did not need to conduct a return on investment analysis to know that the business decision was a wise one as she could tell by the phone constantly ringing with new business.


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