How it works?


Step 1

Your business information is taken and input into our systems while your specific needs are discussed and resolved by your AE to match your goals with our technology.

Step 2

Our automated systems curate and manipulate your information to create the content best suited for your rankings. Our profile technicians verify our systems choices and optimize your profiles for success.

Step 3

After your posts are published, tracking of your rankings begins. This process can take from 2-8 weeks for maturity, and is the period when our technicians may wish to modify your campaign for greater success.

Step 4

After achieving front page rankings, wait for your new customers! We will continue to optimize our sites to follow updates with the Google Algorithm so you stay on the first page!

We help you build a better

We analyze your needs carefully

By comparing your needs and information to our years of data, we are able to specifically craft a plan that meets your exact marketing needs, and execute it with confidence and precision to allow you unprecedented local marketing..

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We provide lasting solutions

Even after your data has gone live on our network, we are constantly optimizing our methods and your data to meet the highest standards imposed by Google's algorithm, and with 24/7 monitoring we are able to...

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SEP Connects offers you the Opportunity to get placed at the top of Google within 6 to 8 weeks and keep you placed on Google without being locked into a monthly or yearly contract. Your analytic dashboard allows you to track where and how many times you are placing on the First Page of Google and with our industry exclusivity, we allow you to pick unlimited key words, and can save you thousands of dollars in PPC.

Why people choose us?

Besides the fact we offer industry leading ranking rates and stellar client care, our customers also love the fact we have:

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