Help Center

General Questions

1What defines an area?
It's an area that can be sold in our package. When you Google map it make sure that it is big enough to not have the major city also attached like: Cameron Park CA. What you should be looking for is: Any area between 5k-350k population which is where our program works best.
2How long does it take?
Most of the time we can make it happen in as quickly as 2-8 weeks which is much much faster than SEO.
3How much does it cost?
4How are you different from SEO?
We are completely different from SEO in these ways: NO Contract: we have to earn your business every month Dashboard: See the results for yourself. Long Shelf Life: Our Technology won't quit on you or expire. No Website Required: Let's skip the hardest step of SEO by not touching your website and getting straight to work on creating your content and business profile. Competitive Advantage: Remove your competition as you rise to the top of Google, they don't stand a chance. We promise to only work with you no matter what! We want you to know how special this technology really is and that it can only be as unique as our relationship with you our exclusive partner!
5How does it work?
We build you a custom business profile page that is made in your image, this profile has our technology attached and so we plan on getting you to the first page of Google for all the keyterms available in your industry multiplied by the amount of areas that you want more customers from, that means that if you sign up for 25 areas, we could potentially get you on the first page of Google 900 to 2200 different times which is completely unheard of, there is nobody that does what we do, we can even have you occupy more than one listing too!

Profile Questions

1How do I update my info?
Give our friendly support staff a call today and they will be able to assist you with any problems you have with your content/info.
2I can't find my rankings...why?
Many times, Google's rankings fluctuate, and your past search history can play a bias as well to your search. Try search in an incognito window, and also try waiting several hours and checking several other keywords. If it persists, contact support.

Dashboard Questions

1What's my login?
Your login information is sent with you when you first sign up with us. If you have forgotten your password please use the password reset link on the dashboard login page.
2How often is my dashboard updated?
With so many locations and pages to verify, there can sometimes be a delay in when we receive data, and your dashboards are updated. The updates are automatic, but if you wish to have an update done immediately, give our friendly support staff a call and they would be happy to assist you.
3What does this dashboard track exactly?
The number of times we are able to find your business information, on our platforms, on the First Page of Google.