Get Social

Take your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter pages to the next level and make a connection.

We’ll ensure your social sites gets found so you can engage with your customers and they can spread the word.

There’s so much hype about the social media websites these days but that’s because it really is becoming the fastest way to connect with a large number of users (customers!), quickly.  If you don’t have a Facebook page, aren’t on LinkedIn, and your video doesn’t appear on YouTube, how do you expect to reach this growing audience?  It’s time to jump on the social media bandwagon and tell your story.

This is your chance to engage users with information about your company: news, initiatives, updates, product launches, discounts, specials , you name it – put it out there. Social media marketing creates a constant connection in which you are able to interact with your customers like never before.  And, with the help of SEP Connect, we’ll ensure your social media links are front and center so you can launch your social media sites, faster, and give your customers a way to help you spread the word about the great services you provide.

Okay, I’ve created a Facebook page.  How can you help?

It’s simple.  We simply embed your social media tags on the landing page we create that’s placed in our directories (remember our first goal to get you heard? )  Once a user has found you on the front page of Google, they can quickly access any of your social media sites and learn what’s new and what you have to offer.  Imagine one happy customer sharing your information with all their local friends in your local business, this simply means more business.

The best part?  It’s automated, easy and, yeah, guaranteed.
Unlike other businesses directories, SEP Connect places clients on exclusive landing pages with a section dedicated to your social media, making it easily searchable by Google and Bing and accessible for your prospective customers. Links that will be found because your business information landing page is placed in our multiple directories on the internet, allowing people to go to your website or to simply go directly to your social media pages first, helping your business go viral and get social, faster.

And, you’ve heard it all before, but we don’t charge you a dime until we get your business and your social media hooks on the front page of Google and Bing, so you can be found, heard and social.

Want to learn more about getting social?  Speak to a consultant, 1.866.881.4498, today to learn how SEP Connect can help your business get social.