How much do I have pay at SEP Connect?

It only costs $399 set up fee to get started. We can customize the monthly programs to fit in to all budgets.

Why does twitter matter to my business?

Operates with the same functions as Facebook. People love tweeting, and when they find you bdlocal page and like it, even better if they use your services and they had a great experience we make it easy so they can tweet about it to their friends.

Why does Facebook matter to my business, I thought it was just for kids?

Social Media is a great way to market yourself to the masses without someone physically looking for your services. Your bdlocal profile page interacts with your Facebook page and others a comment on bdlocal equals a comment through Facebook for all their and your friends to see.

What if I already have a video?

Let’s use it and market it right.

Why would I want a video on my website, why is there any value?

Video increases your ability to be found by 50x plus a video is 5 times more likely to get clicked. A catchy video that a prospective client will remember you by not only will help you get business but retain it.

What’s an Electronic Billboard?

The Electronic billboard is a place for you to put your specials this can be changed as often as you would like, also a place for your video commercial. Either one you have or one we have produced for you.

What is a Placement Page?

A Placement page is an SEO page that we build for you to bring all of your internet marketing from your Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Yours or our Video Commercials, Coupons and more to get you on the front page of Google, to get you more business.

What makes you different then other companies?

First it works! Secondly, we only charge a $399 set up fee and don’t charge you monthly until we prove to you that our services works. Third, when someone gets to your profile page your competitors aren’t all over the page with their information. We dedicate the page to you solely (unlike the yellow pages). We don’t just put the name of your company with your phone number on the profile page. We put together a detailed page with enough information that will give the consumer the confidence to make an educated decision. Last, we only work with one company category in one city. We are exclusive to you.

Are you a pay per click company?

No we are not. Knowing that only one out of ten clicks happen on the right hand side where the sponsored links are we choose to promote you organically.

Why does your page that you build come up first and Not my website?

In our interactive social business directory bdlocal.com your website is what comes up after clicking from the front page of Google. In addition your social media pages, map, customizable coupons and a spot for a commercial video of your choice.

How many search terms do I get?

1. We will work with you to put together at least 15 search terms that you want people to search for your services to find you. These will be listed on your agreement in addition the technicians work to optimize those terms in all of the number of phrases someone would use to search for your services.

2. Then our technicians at our SEP High Visibility Center we will cross reference them and see what the most search terms in Google are and those are the ones we will optimize first.

How long will it take?

No longer then 60 days but in most cases weeks. Remember though, you do not pay a dime until you see results.

What happens if it falls off?

It hasn’t happened but if you did you wouldn’t be charged for that month until we get you back on the first page.

How much money am I going to make off this?

With your services listed on the front page of Google in your target market areas for everyone to see, you tell me. What is one client worth to you?

Will my Website be on the front page of Google?

When clicked from Google to your Social Interactive Placement Page (Business Development Page) your website is the first thing a client will see and interact with. This is a live version of your website. So a click to Bdlocal is in fact a click to your site.

What if I don’t have a website?

Then you need us that much more. Allow us to act as your internet presence at a fraction of the cost.

What does an exclusive listing mean?

An exclusive listing means we will only market one category in one area. EXP. Plumber Redding CA we would not advertise another Plumber in Redding CA. We don’t even place Adwords or any other type of advertisement on you Placement Page. It is all yours, all about You and What you do.