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SEP Connect is an experienced, seasoned Internet Marketing company that offers a revolutionary Search Engine Placement (SEP) Technology. Providing local businesses with Front Page Organic Placement Results with enhanced video and social media technologies to ensure our customers, get found, get heard and ultimately get business. With SEP, we offer businesses the unprecedented ability to ensure their local business information appears on the front page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL Search and many other search engines.

Our team has 100 combined years of expertise in artificial intelligence, neural nets, semantic, linguistic, and indexing technologies – and has spent over a decade developing an intuitive search-engine friendly business index that allows our clients to be easily located when local customers are seeking the local services they provide.

Who is SEP Connect?

Our Company Mission
Making Internet marketing simple and easy for local small business owners.
Our Company Vision
Thousands of local entrepreneurs and small business owners positively impacting their communities.
The SEP Believe
We believe – and so do our clients – that our SEP technology provides local businesses the optimal way to quickly and easily market their services on the web. Our time-tested technology has proven that we can get businesses placed in the top of the organic listings – in significantly less time than traditional optimization techniques – and for a fraction-of-the-cost of Search Engine Marketing. By making it easier for local customers to find the local services they need, and the tools to help entertain and engage their prospects, we help our clients become more profitable contributing to our own continued success as thought leaders and as a company leading the way to provide smarter, more cost-effective internet marketing solutions.
The SEP Promise
SEP Connect Guarantees that we will get you on the front page of google, and we stand behind that by not charging you monthly fee until you are on the front page of google with at least 3 keyword phrases.

Our Success on a few Verticals

Process Servers 98%
Locksmiths 88%
Plumbing Contractors 86%
Landscaping Contractors 98%
Mobile Mechanics 86%
Garage Door Repair Companies 78%

Meet Our Team Per Office

SEP Connect, LLC
SEP Connect, LLCEl Dorado Hills, CA
SEP in El Dorado Hills California houses a number of Account Executives and the Technology Department.

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SEP Connect, LLC
SEP Connect, LLCVienna, VA
SEP in Vienna Virginia houses our customer service department and reseller managers.

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Partners Program

Your clients turn to you for innovative ways to grow their businesses…add SEP products and services. Front Page Placement…feature rich landing page…branded video commercial…

What better way for them to get their services placed in the top of the search results to get found and drive more business. Our Search Engine Placement technology will give your clients the visibility they need, the our feature rich landing page will provide all the functionality needed and our Video Commercials branded video commercials to help your customer to get found and get business.

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